Are you not happy with the quality of your sex life with your spouse? If yes, you have an easy way to add some spark to your love life by spending time with a good-quality Delhi escortTo be honest, escorts in Delhi go through the grind of lovemaking so often that they lack enthusiasm when they are meeting a new client. Here are some experiments you can do with your escort in Delhi to have mind-blowing sex.

Focus on foreplay with your Delhi Escort

Foreplay is a trick that can excite any woman and make her ready for hot action in bed. Most clients are mainly interested in their enjoyment and so indulge in intercourse straightaway. Instead of a dull and run-of-the-mill session of lovemaking, you can make it spicy and electrifying for your Delhi escort by using your hands and tongue.

Kissing your escort in her ears and neck can do magic on her mood. You can suck and sightly nibble at her nipples to send pleasure waves down her body and mind. Delhi Escorts get erotic pleasure when their customers spend some time in foreplay rather than jumping on them right away. 

Pay more attention to the Delhi Escort’s lower body

It is a common grouse of these gorgeous ladies that their customers are obsessed with their boobs and irritate them by kissing, licking, and sucking on their nipples. Playing with the breasts is OK for a while and it also helps in relaxing your companion. But if you continue to fondle and press her boobs for a long time, she becomes restless. You need to make her wet between the legs to get heavenly bodily pleasures from her. The only way you can achieve this goal is by focusing on her lower body. Go down between her legs and let your tongue do the magic. Delhi Escorts love it when their customers make efforts to excite them. Use your hands and tongue in a soft and gentle manner to make her moan in pleasure. 

Role-playing adult games to try with Delhi Escort

Your Delhi escort goes through this chorus frequently. You can not expect a woman to become excited like a kid. However, you can do your bit by trying role-playing situations. Become a doctor and ask your Delhi escort to play the role of your patient. You can seduce her in the garb of examining her body. One of my favorite role plays is that of a Yoga teacher and his student. Become a Yoga teacher and ask your Delhi escort to follow your instructions. You can now take liberties with her and press her boobs and ass while teaching her various Yoga asanas. You can also play the role of an electrician who makes love with his customer

Try to talk dirty with your Delhi Escort. The use of foul language and cuss words excites these women and they give a terrific performance in bed. You can expect an electrifying sex session if you try these experiments with your escort in Delhi.