When you imagine Delhi escorts, what are the images that come across your mind? Most men imagine young college girls and sexy married women when they think about escorts in Delhi. Some even say they see pictures of models doing catwalks on the ramp when they visualize these gorgeous women. Hi. I am Jasmine, a 32-year-old married woman with a husband and two kids working as an escort in Delhi. I will tell you my story to give you some idea about the personal lives of these sought-after women. 

My friend Neelam helped me in becoming a Delhi Escort

My husband works as a supervisor in a factory. His income is just sufficient to make ends meet for our family. I was looking for ways to supplement my husband’s income when I met Neelam in the market one day. She is an old college friend who I had not seen for many years. I was surprised by her expensive clothes, jewelry, and the car she was using. Neelam took me to her palatial house where she told me her secret. She said she was working as an Escort in Delhi.

She looked after the bodily and emotional needs of her wealthy clients. Neelam was earning a decent income by working little. She told me that I can solve a lot of my financial problems if I become an escort. 

I overcame my thinking to become a Delhi Escort

I thought over the proposal given by Neelam for many days. I was worried about what will happen if my husband and later friends and relatives came to know about my profession. Neelam said I should not worry about others as they did nothing to help me when I was facing so many financial problems.

I told myself that I will treat it as my job and continue to live happily with my husband and kids. The rest was easy once I made up my mind and decided to become a Delhi escort. Newland helped me with grooming and paid from her pocket to buy new dresses. She even bought me a few sets of innerwear. She said that it was important for me to reveal more and hide less as a Delhi Escort

The craze for a Mature Housewife among the clients helped me a lot

Initially, I was not sure whether clients would prefer a 30-year-old woman when they have so many young college girls to enjoy. I was surprised when I began to get bookings from clients daily. In fact, I had to decline bookings as I did not want my husband to know about my profession.

I realize that clients cherish lovemaking with a beautiful Mature Housewife because of their expertise and experience in bed. They see their sexy bhabhi in me because of my fair complexion and ample curves. I fulfill the fantasies of my customers and pamper them to keep them happy and satisfied. 

I am happy with my profession which allows me to earn a good amount of money. I can live happily with my family and fulfill their demands.